Saturday, March 04, 2006

Script Draft 3 in progress

Having worked on the script for about half a year.
We have come to the 3rd draft of the script. (in progress)

Depicted as follow is a day in the writing...

One thing about writing scripts :)
its hell of a wreck in the brains... hahaha

When doing something this tedious, some music will definitely help
Cant do it without Kelly ;)

Drink from the cup of wisdom and you will be fluorish with... erm whatever...

Saturday, January 28, 2006

the short's achievement so far


Canon DMH Video Fest 04 - Singapore
> Grand Prize (Media Student Category)
> Best Direction
> Audience Choice

Crowbar Awards 05 - Singapore
> Gold (Short Film Category)

1st Toronto-Singapore Film Festival 06
> Audience Choice Award (Best Fiction/Drama)

Nominations / Screenings

SITGES Festival Internacional de Cinema de Catalunya 2005 - Spain
> Official Selection (Fantastic Shorts)

(BAPFF) Berlin Asia-Pacific Film Festival 05 - Germany
> Official Selection

13th Chilean International Festival of Short Films - Santiago Chile
> Official Selection

Short Cuts Cologne 05 – Koln, Germany
> Official Selection

Commonwealth Film Festival 2006
>Official Selection

11th Bite the Mango Film Festival, UK
> Official Selection

Singapore Fantastic Film Festival – Singapore Film Society
> Official Selection

Citylights 2005 and the Singapore Film Festival @ the Univ of Chicago

Friday, September 16, 2005

coming soon

It has been almost 1 year since the birth of Strings...

We are grateful that the short film won three awards during the
Canon - DMH Video Festivals.

more then grateful, the short is currently traveling around the world in the festival circuit.

With the support of the Script Development Grant from SFC:
The filmakers are back! The birth of the Feature Length Film is underway.

Sign off
Jon Lim